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    Metal Closures

    • Plastisol - foamed and unfoamed for sterilisation.
    • Plastisol - foamed and unfoamed for pasteurisation.
    • Products as per FDA and Euro regulation.

    Food Types Suitable for Use :-

    • Nonacidic (pH5.0),Aqueous, low or high fat.
    • Acidic (pH5.0),Aqueous, Low or high fat.
    • Aqueous both acidic/non acidic containing free oil or fat.
    • Dairy products : emulsions, high or low fat.
    • Low moisture fats and oils.
    • Beverages : Alcoholic / Non Alcoholic.
    • Bakery products.
    • Bakery products.
    • Carbonated and Non Carbonated.

    Specialised Plastisols

    • Phthalate Free, ESBO Free plastisols
    • Specialised plastisols for Coils
    • REVOSOL - Food Grade PVC Free Plastisol

    Sealing Systems for Metal Containers

    • Water based high solids sealing system.
    • Withstands the rigors of forming, high speed production.
    • Designed for nozzle application.
    • Suitable for processed, aqueous, acidic,oil and fatty foods.
    • Resistance to hot and cold filling, double seaming, pasteurization or sterilization.