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    SRISOL Research Foundation
    A Diamond of 100 carats or more
    SRISOL offers a comprehensive list of services

    • Technical Support
    • Full R&D Services
    • Product Renewal
    • Value Added Products
    • Joint Technological Developments
    • End User Approvals
    • Food Law Conformity Certificates
    • Technical Licensing and Joint Ventures

    We offer benefits to following:

    • Plastic and Metal processors
    • Raw Material Manufacturer & Suppliers
    • Tool makers and Engineers
    • Designers
    • Government Departments and Statutory Authorities
    • Insurance Companies and Surveyors
    • Legal Practitioners and Patent Attorneys

    We specialize in Food contact application as in

    • Quality Assurance
    • Lot to lot Verifications
    • Process Validation , Diagnostic Testing ,Chemical Structure
    • Accelerated Cause and effect
    • Thermal and Mechanical Degradation
    • Structure Property Correlation
    • Prediction and optimization of Processing Conditions.
    • State of art Analytical Laboratory

    At SRISOL, we have in place Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)

    • Control
    • Security
    • Accuracy
    • Comprehensive reporting
    • Accountability

    At SRF we do Testing of Food Grade inputs

    • Presence of Acetaldehyde in PET Bottles
    • Barrier Properties in PET Bottles
    • Sensory Tests
    • Chemical Modification
    • Determination of Rheological and Physical characteristics
    • Examination of Behaviour of materials in actual condition
    • Checking of Heavy Metals and Non conforming chemicals
    • Global Migration tests
    • Turnkey Projects and Regulatory Compliances, Joint ventures on Next Gen solutions

    SRF provides consultancy services in following areas

    • Problem Solving and Trouble Shooting
    • Product Development
    • Formulation Development
    • Material Selection
    • Technical Advise on Equipment and Process Technology
    • Quality Assurance and Management
    • Training needs analysis and skills audit